Independence Day

Independence day was celebrated in our institution on 15th August through a Variety of colourful and informative programmes. The day started with a flag hosting function followed by inspirational speeches by students and teachers to do our duty as Indians and to set aside our fears. On the eve of Independence Day different cultural programmes were organized to awaken everyone to the fact that Notion’s development and empowerment are the concerns of each and every citizen and when it comes to a downful, it is we who are to be blamed.

Seminar Presentation of Corruption

Corruption has taken deep roots in our political system which in fact is shameful for us. With an intention to create awareness about corruption and the ways and the means to stop it, a seminar presentation was organized for the senior classes of the institution. The seminar focussed on the corruption in different levels of administration and the ways and the means to stop it and to make our country a better place to live in.

Trip to the Radio Station

With the invention of new technological gadgets , students seem to have lost their interest in listening to the radio which was once a great source of entertainment and education. It was with this intention of reviving the student’s interest in the world of radio , that we look the students of standard IX & X to visit the Guwahati Radio Station on 18th May, 2013.Students had a wonderful time as they could meet the Radio Jockey’s doing their job and also could interact with them. This trip made the students realize the huge role Radio has been playing in the transformation of India.

Science Exhibition

Aditya Kumar Sha and Rahul Singh of class IX of our school were selected for the National level CBSE Science Exhibition , 2011 held on 21st Oct to 22nd Oct 2011 at Modern School, New Delhi. Earlier they had won the Regional level CBSE Science Exhibition, 2011 held on 19th August and 20th August 2011 at Gems NPS, Guwahati. They secured 7th Position out of 34 participating schools. Their Science model was based on the Theme of “Transport & Communication” and their model was Electric security system of home including generation of electricity.

SOS Village, Azara

The students of classes IX & X visited S.O.S. village, Azara on children’s day i.e. 14th November, 2011. S.O.S. village, Azara is really a “Home away from Home”, situated in the midst of natural beauties. This village homes a number of children right from the age of 3months to 20years of age. The whole village is divided into a number of homes, all under the affectionate care of an appointed mother. The appointed mother is a symbol of love and affection and she takes appreciable care of the children under her. Our children shared sweets and chocolates with the children of the village. This trip to S.O.S. village really made the day “children’s Day” of 2011 very special and a memorable one for us all.


Swami Madhavanandji conducted a workshop in our institution for the teachers and the students of classes of VIII, IX and X. The workshop concentrated on preparing students to face better the challenges of education and life and excelling in it. Swamiji focused on the qualities of confidence, concentration, dedication, sincerity and regularity on the part of students and regularity on the part of students and teachers to excel in their own fields. The workshop proved very beneficial in enriching our students and teachers and motivated them to be useful members of the society and the country at large.

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