Children Day Celebration

Children Day Celebration

Work-shop on NEP

Work-shop on NEP

School Fest

School Fest


International Yoga Day Celebration

Awareness on Disaster and Mock drill by Fire and Emergency Service

Awareness on Disaster and Mock drill by Fire and Emergency Service on 30th. May'23

Half Yearly Exam,2022 will commence from 20th Sept.,2022

Fees must be paid upto the month of Sept. before 15th of Sept,2022 to collect the Admit Card

Teacher's Day celebration 2023

"Instead of celebrating my birthday, it would be my privilege if September 5 is observed as Teachers' Day,"Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan said in 1962. Since then, Teachers' Day is observed across the country on his birthday, i.e September 5. A recipient of Bharat Ratna , Dr.Radhakrishnan stands at the top when it comes to impeccable contribution to education. He is remembered for his contribution as a teacher. "Teachers should be the best minds in the country,"said by him. Teachers are the builders of nation. They are the source of knowledge and wisdom. From them leads the ideas and thoughts that one day one of us will use to provide back into this society. Teachers play a prominent role in influencing and inspiring the students, and are considered as the role model. It is impossible to define teacher as they are not only limited to teaching or guiding students in academics but also helping them to take the right path. They add value to the character and make ideal citizens of the country. Therefore it is our utmost duty to salute and convey our wishes to Teachers in recognition of their undeterred efforts.

Independence Day Celebration 2024

This year, 2023, Independence Day celebration is restricted following the protocols of pandemic, all over the Nation. Different states had issued guidelines with some going online to celebrate Independence Day, 2023. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, CPS decided to go online and celebrate the day in our own very way. CPS faculty and staffs joined together at school and hoisted the tri-colour and had a brief arrangement and Students and parent/guardians on the other hand watched virtually, enjoyed the program and they too shared their way of celebration.

The outbreak of coronavirus

The outbreak of coronavirus disease has been declared a Public Health Emergency of International Concern and the virus has been spread to many countries. Under such circumstances, the protection of children and educational facilities is particular. Following the govt's instructions to maintain physical distancing and non -operation of educational institutions, however Education should not stop. young people are global citizens and so to encourage ,uplift and keep learning continued, schools have taken up the effort of online learning process. CPS too is trying best to provide the same for our students, where teaching-learning is being conducted smoothly. Though it's a maiden experience for everyone yet efforts are being made to facilitate the learners in all possible manners. CPS has successfully conducted the first PT1 and We congratulate the parents, students, teachers, staffs, who worked on it with great dedication making it a success .

Independence Day

Independence day was celebrated in our institution on 15th August through a Variety of colourful and informative programmes. The day started with a flag hosting function followed by inspirational speeches by students and teachers to do our duty as Indians and to set aside our fears. On the eve of Independence Day different cultural programmes were organized to awaken everyone to the fact that Notion’s development and empowerment are the concerns of each and every citizen and when it comes to a downful, it is we who are to be blamed.


Swami Madhavanandji conducted a workshop in our institution for the teachers and the students of classes of VIII, IX and X. The workshop concentrated on preparing students to face better the challenges of education and life and excelling in it. Swamiji focused on the qualities of confidence, concentration, dedication, sincerity and regularity on the part of students and regularity on the part of students and teachers to excel in their own fields. The workshop proved very beneficial in enriching our students and teachers and motivated them to be useful members of the society and the country at large.

Trip to Suwalkuchi

With the invention of new technological gadgets , students seem to have lost their interest in listening to the radio which was once a great source of entertainment and education. It was with this intention of reviving the student’s interest in the world of radio , that we look the students of standard IX & X to visit the Guwahati Radio Station on 18th May, 2013.Students had a wonderful time as they could meet the Radio Jockey’s doing their job and also could interact with them. This trip made the students realize the huge role Radio has been playing in the transformation of India.

Science Exhibition

School Science Exhibition

SOS Village, Azara

The students of classes IX & X visited S.O.S. village, Azara on children’s day i.e. 14th November, 2011. S.O.S. village, Azara is really a “Home away from Home”, situated in the midst of natural beauties. This village homes a number of children right from the age of 3months to 20years of age. The whole village is divided into a number of homes, all under the affectionate care of an appointed mother. The appointed mother is a symbol of love and affection and she takes appreciable care of the children under her. Our children shared sweets and chocolates with the children of the village. This trip to S.O.S. village really made the day “children’s Day” of 2011 very special and a memorable one for us all.

Scout and Guide Day Long Hiking & Camp

Day long Hiking and camp of Scout & Guide

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