School Library :

The school provides as impressive library, well-equipped with books of various subjects ranging from pure-science to forestry, environmental studies to literature and drama along with different kinds of reference or course-related guide books. The library avails the studies of a good numbers of magazines, daily news-papers, periodicals etc. to keep students aware of the everyday happenings all around the world 

Social Service :

Highlighting the significance of moral education, the school encourages the students to arrange some community service programs and motivates them to extend a helping hand towards the underprivileged or the victims of natural calamities like flood, landslide etc. Such arrangements help the students to understand their responsibility towards society besides acquiring a real life experience.   

Communication with Parents/Guardians :

The school believes in active involvement and co-operation of parents/guardians in the educational process for the all round development of their wards. So, it expects the attendance of parents/guardians in parent-teacher meetings, held at regular intervals throughout the year to discuss the performance, difficulties or any other problems, related to their wards.  

Personality Development Programs :

At regular intervals, students accompanied by teachers visit different programs to develop their personality.  It helps our students to recognize their talent as well as to rectify their short-comings. In the long run, they find themselves emerging as better individuals in the society.  

Audio-Visual Facilities :   Audio-visual teaching helps students for conceptual clarification of subjects. So, our school gives more emphasis on the teaching, based on audio-visual aids.

Science Laboratory :   The School is well equipped with laboratories for Biology, Bio-chemistry & Physics.

Computer Laboratory :   The school offers the facility of computer laboratory with latest software, internet connections as well as other modern multi-media technology paving the way to broaden the dimension of students’ knowledge on computer education.  

Art, Craft & Culture :  The school frequently organizes various competitions on art, music, drama, handwriting and so on amongst the students to explore the potentiality and to develop their creativity or artistic skills. Our students get facilitated to expose their inner talents through these kinds of competitions and exhibitions, held on state or national level. The school always encourages students' participation in such activities. The annual cultural function servres as a large platform in this regard.   

Adolescent Counseling :  In order to impart adolescent education among the students of different age- groups and to enable them to cope up with the problems, faced by them, the school organizes workshops and counseling programs time to time by trained-up teachers and experts.  

Excursion :  Educational excursions are held to different places of ecological, historical and industrial importance. As a part of recreational activity, the school arranges picnic for the students. Such activities provide pleasure and relaxation from the regular monotony of classroom learning. 

Sport Facility :  The school provides the facility of outdoor sports and indoor games of the students under the guidance of experienced physical training instructors and coaches to promote the overall physical developments of students.  

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